Service Outline

  • 1) Two-dimensional photo-induced carrier effective lifetime measurement
    2) Photo-induced carrier recombination defect analysis
    3) Defect analysis and defect abatement techniques

Actual Example

  • These are examples of data which are delivered for customers after measurement.

    If you want other types of data, please contact us via

    Sample1 Sample2

Characteristic of Minority Carrier Lifetime Measurement

  • We provide carrier lifetime measurement using minority carrier lifetime measurement system which was developed by Prof. Sameshima who belongs to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

    This system has three main characteristics as follows:

    • Non-destructive measurement is succeeded with extensive sheet resistance (100 kΩ - 2 Ω) and carrier density (108 - 1013 cm-2) with high accuracy.
    • Enable to measure effective minority carrier lifetime (10 ms - 0.5 µs) which are induced by steady weak light irradiation precisely.
    • Enable to analyze surface recombination velocity and bulk lifetime.


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